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The series Flex consists of Number Quest, an effective programme to train core math skills, and the working memory training software Memory Quest. The programmes are user friendly and are developed based on recent scientific findings on training of cognitive skills. The programmes are adaptive i.e. automatically adjust the difficulty level based on the performance of the trainee which has proven a key feature for effective training. Number Quest and Memory Quest have been produced with financial support from the Swedish National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools.

Number Quest

Number Quest is new adaptive training software designed to train mathematical abilities intensively. The exercises in the program train core maths skills such as number sense, the number line and pattern recognition. Number Quest is based on current research on how mathematical skills are developed and learned.

Memory Quest

Memory Quest Flex is software that is designed to train working memory and improve concentration. The term “working memory” refers to the capacity to store and manipulate information for short periods of time. Learners with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and other learning difficulties often have poor working memory.